Why Wearing Arch Support Sandals Can Help You Make More of Your Summer

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The beauty of summer is getting to put away our winter boots and slipping into a pair of refreshing sandals. It’s what most of us look forward to.

But, it all goes wrong when we end our first sandal day with tender, sore and achy arches due to our poor choices in sandals and flip flops.

We’ll be exploring the arch support needed in sandals and flip flops so that you can enjoy your summer

What are Arch Supports?

Arch supports are shoe inserts or devices inserted into shoes to help in supporting foot arches. They can be used to eliminate and prevent pain by supporting the arches of the feet.

Finding the right shoes that have the right arch support and still sticking with a style preference has become hard for most. The only thing we are thankful for is the growth in the fashion industry that has us now wearing arch support sandals and flip flops, by all odds making our summers better.

Why Wear Sandals and Flip Flops with Good Arch Support?

Failing to choose the right sandals can leave you experiencing foot pain for days after wearing them. People with flat feet, high arches, or other foot conditions are more likely to suffer from a lack of arch support.

Everyone needs support for their feet, regardless of their arch height. Unless you have custom-made shoes, chances are your feet are not supported.

Sandals and flip flops with arch support help keep your feet stable throughout the day. They help control and absorb impact from walking and standing by relieving your feet from uneven pressure points through extra cushioning.
Not only do they aid with extra cushioning – rolled ankles, and blisters are reduced by the elimination of unsupportive footwear.

There’s no reason not to maintain your style and comfort when there’s an option to do better. And – it is definitely worth it.

Benefits of Arch Support

The freedom of rocking your flip flops or sandals without hurting and straining your feet might be the first benefit to having arch support sandals and flip flops. Comfort and style are what most fashion companies have tried to give back to consumers with little consideration given to foot health..

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when wearing summer footwear with arch support:

Reduce Pain

The main reason why people are now wearing arch support shoes is to relieve themselves from the pain that comes with unsupportive footwear. Arch supports are recommended as a highly non-invasive treatment.

Stability and Balance

The pain of standing or walking the whole day in unbalanced and uncomfortable shoes is known to us all. Arch supports fill up the spaces in your arches, therefore improving your balance and stability by producing a stable surface.

Providing support

What most people do not know is that arch supports are sometimes used to aid with hip and knee issues, and back alignment issues as well. The feet have a connection to the rest of the body as they are the foundation. Some problems might stem simply from the intense pressure or discomfort you are feeling from your feet.

Aid in Pressure Distribution

Due to the balance created by contouring any gaps and preventing any chances of discomfort, pressure applied to the foot is distributed evenly. You don’t have to worry about having the balls and heels of your feet aching, arch supports eliminate that.

When You Might Need Support

There are a few problems that might get you to consider investing in arch support sandals and therefore potentially helping reduce or eliminate these issues.

  • Long-distance walking – Walking long distances not only causes foot aches but can cause body aches as well. The discomfort at your feet might spread to places like your knees. Arch support sandals will keep you walking as much as you want and not having to worry about the aftermath.
  • Standing for long periods – Having a job that lets you stand most of the time or simply running errands that will cause you to wait in line can be a nightmare. You will need arch supports to provide that extra cushioning throughout the day.
  • High arches – If you have a high arch, you mostly experience pressure on the ball and heel of your foot because you have a curve in the middle.
  • Flat feet/ Low arch – With low arches or flat feet, you are prone to experiencing joint problems in the feet and legs, as well as muscle stress. This is because, with flat feet, your feet might roll inwards when you stand or walk.
  • Over-Pronation and Supination – Overpronation is having your foot’s motion roll inward as you walk and supination is having it roll outwards as you walk. This might cause instability and imbalance but arch support can help keep your body aligned.
  • Heel spurs – Heel spurs feel like stepping on a hard rock or an internal lump in your heel. Arch supports can help prevent them from growing larger by creating even pressure distribution at the pressure points.
  • Others – You have any foot conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and metatarsalgia.

Last but not least if you are already thinking of buying new sandals or flip flops, why not buy ones with added support for your arches. There’s no harm in getting the extra support and comfort.


Overall, getting sandals and flip flops with good arch support might be the best investment you make all summer.

Considering that most people want to spend their summers outside, your footwear shouldn’t be the one thing hindering you from having a good time.

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