Why it is Bad to Wear very Tight Clothes

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Every now and then we like to wear a tight cowboy, a narrow dress or a fitted miniskirt, but did you know that wearing very tight clothes continuously negatively affects your health and well-being? Well, by compressing the body too much, it can favor the development of joint pain, varicose veins, cellulite, infections in the intimate area, among other conditions. Keep reading this article about how you want to know more precisely why it is bad to wear very tight clothes.

Steps to follow:

1. Wearing clothes too tight, compressing the body excessively, impairs blood circulation, hindering its natural flow and causing poor return circulation. In addition, this condition can lead to the appearance of pain, swelling or varicose veins in the lower extremities due to the pressure to which the affected part of the body is subjected.

2. In addition to hindering blood circulation, very tight clothing can aggravate one of the worst aesthetic problems that many women have to face: cellulite. Dressing in tight clothes does not cause orange peel, but it also does not help fight it and, on the contrary, delays its elimination and favors the appearance of unsightly dimples in the skin, characteristic of this condition. That is why if you suffer from cellulite in some areas of your body, it is better not to oppress them with too tight garments choosing, instead, a baggy type of clothing.

3. The back is one of the body parts that can also be damaged if you continually wear clothes that are too tight. And it is that this type of clothing, does not facilitate the natural movements of the body and you are forced to load the muscles more than appropriate, which can result in future pain in the back area, as well as in the cervical.

In fact, the shirts or shirts that hinder the movements of the arms throughout the day, will cause the shoulders to end up overloaded and, possibly, muscle cramps and even tingling sensation are experienced.

4. Another factor that answers the question of why it is bad to wear very tight clothes has to do with the process of digestion. And it is that, both the pants and the belts that excessively press the belly or abdomen area, will not allow the natural dilation of the stomach, which is the movement that makes to digestion correctly, causing it to be difficult and even being able to cause acidity and reflux.

5. And, without a doubt, the frequent use of very tight pants and underwear will put your good sexual health at risk. It has been pointed out that such tight clothing favors that the intimate area is more humid, giving way to conditions that favor the development of infections caused by fungi and microorganisms such as vaginal candidiasis. It is also possible that pelvic discomfort or pain appears.

6. Now that you know the risks involved in wearing clothes so tight for health, try replacing those garments with slightly more loose ones, which allow you to move freely and make any movement with total comfort.

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