What is the best time to meditate?

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The meditation is an ancient practice in which our minds leave blank to get into real contact with our body. More and more people who, exhausted by their daily chores and the speed with which life passes, find in meditation a perfect escape route in which to recover energy and spirituality. However, this is only achieved if we practice meditation correctly. We recommend the best time to meditate.

Steps to follow:

1. Although it is clear that depending on the day some unforeseen events may arise, ideally, we would meditate at the same time each day. Creating a routine regarding meditation is a key point and one of the best tips we can follow.

To choose this time, we must be clear that it cannot be right after eating, and that it is recommended that they have passed, at least three hours after doing so. Otherwise, we will feel heavy and not give up so much. Of course, it is also not good to meditate with hunger, since we will be more aware than our stomach than the relaxed practice itself.

2. One of the best moments to meditate is just after getting up. If you don’t have ten minutes in your morning routine, you should get up earlier. Although, at first, it may give you some laziness, as soon as you pick up the pace you will find that it helps you to start the day much better. And you will have the necessary peace to face all the vicissitudes that await you throughout the day.

3. Another of the moments chosen by many people to meditate is when leaving work, especially if they have one that stresses them a lot. Taking only ten minutes to discharge tensions and clean with the negative vibrations that may have arisen will be perfect to forget about them and not take them home with us.

4. Meditate before bed: if you have sleep problems and have trouble sleeping, especially because of everyday problems, this is the best time to meditate. You must do just before bedtime, when nothing else can disturb the peace. You must turn off the light and breathe deeply for at least 15 minutes, being aware that the day is finally over and that this is a moment exclusively for you.

5. As soon as you take a meditation routine, your own body will indicate to you, at the time you usually practice it, that it is time to relax and become a self-gift. At first it may be a bit difficult to find these moments of absolute peace, but the results will surprise you very pleasantly.

6. Similarly, remember that you must take into account other key aspects for proper meditation such as:

  • Find a place with a quiet atmosphere
  • Use a chair or mat where you can keep your spine straight
  • Breathe correctly
  • You can choose some mantra to sing or repeat

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