Walking your dogs during hot months

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Most of the time, people think that dogs are rigid, but that’s not the case. We’ve been breeding dogs for centuries and as a result, they became more adorable looking and tame than ever. But it also means that they’re dependent on their owners. We have to make sure that they’re comfortable because their anatomy simply isn’t made for the wild anymore.

That’s why dog shoes have become increasingly popular. In the summertime, your pooch’s paws are frying on the hot ground. In the wintertime—if there’s snow—it’s simply too cold for them

Sounds uncomfortable, right?

If you walk your dog regularly and you don’t want your friendly bundle of fluff to suffer, then buy them some walking shoes.

The upside to this is that it’s super adorable when they wear them and there are many styles and trends to choose from. You don’t have to feel bad about making your dog wear them, because you’re not putting your dog in a circus show. You’re only doing it for his safety and comfort.

Don’t get too excited, though.

We need to look at the necessities first before we jump into fashion.

Size and Fitting of the Boot

You’ll have to meticulously measure your dog’s paw before you pick out some boots for them. Be sure to measure the width and the length of his paw.

You’ll have to start with measuring from the dog’s longest toenail because you don’t want it to sit too tightly against the boot—there should still be room for his paws to breathe. Online companies that sell boots for dogs have a very organized chart where you will be able to match the size of the dog’s paw.

Will My Dog Be Comfortable With Boots?

Dogs will likely not understand why there’s something on their feet. Like anything else we put on a dog’s body, they’ll reject it at first. It’s the same with dog chains—but chains are only to ensure their safety from passing cars.

Pulling on their boots is expected at first, but wearing them is for your dog’s own best interest, especially if the weather is too severe. It’s only necessary to put the shoes on when they go for a walk. To ease them into it or make them feel more comfortable, you can always buy shoes that have extra comfort features, like adjustable straps so that the boot won’t sit too tightly around the dog’s foot.

Note that you won’t have to worry if your dog is comfortable or not—you’ll see it immediately in the way they walk or behave. If they do seem agitated and uncomfortable, it may be a sign they need a new size boot or a different brand.

Now for the Fashionistas—Let’s Look at Different Types of Boots

Durable Dog Boots

Durable dog boots are medically designed for dogs with joint problems. They have foam padding that adds an extra layer for when your dog walks through hot or cold weather.

It’s great for your dog’s paws so they won’t fall off. They also have adjustable straps so that your dog is comfortable. This makes them easy to use on slippery surfaces too, which means your dog can also wear them indoors.

Running Shoes: Ruffwear Grip Trex Paw Wear

Running shoes are awesome, whether you’re on a hiking trail or attending regular dog shows. Your dog won’t slip or get any injuries when wearing these shoes.

They tend to be a little bit big, but don’t fret; they’re made for your dog’s comfort. This wear includes a secure fit and a reflective trim—you can even run with your dog at night.

A breathable material that’ll allow enough air to flow through is vital. Additionally, you’ll want a rugged sole so they can run any terrain flexibly with enough traction. Wear with these features are wonderful for adventurous dog owners. They come in blue spring, black, and red currant colors.

Traction Pads

For people that don’t like the look of some of these shoes, you can still ensure your dog’s safety by getting them traction pads. These are invisible when the dog is standing since the pads are directly under their paws.

Maybe you don’t mind the look of your dog’s shoe, but your dog hates it and wants to rip it to shreds. The traction pad will be the best solution for this situation as well. There’s hypoallergenic glue underneath the pads that will stick to your dog’s paws. These pads will definitely keep your dog comfortable.

The gel padding of the traction pads prevents your dog from scratching your floors while simultaneously protecting your dog’s paws from harmful surfaces.

You may ask yourself if there are any disadvantages to using traction pads. They do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Fortunately, six pairs come in a single box.


There are a lot of great reasons to let your dog wear shoes. No matter where your dog is running off to, there’s bound to be some danger on the ground. If it’s a needle, glass, thorn, or the severe overheated pavement and the freezing snow, they can be easily hurt.

It’s never a bad recommendation to get your dog some shoes. You’ll also have to look at your lifestyle if you take your dog hiking a lot or if you are staying in a scorching hot place—it’ll be necessary to let your dog wear shoes. But, if your dog is usually indoors, then it’s not as necessary.

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