The Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee Every Day

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There is no way we could function without starting our day with a freshly brewed cup of joe for some of us. But who does not love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee early in the morning? That is a little addictive on its own, wouldn’t you agree?

Over the centuries, there have been many differing opinions regarding coffee. Is it healthy or toxic for the human body? Should we be able to indulge in our fair share or rather limit it to be on the safe side of healthy living?

Caffeine, the main ingredient in coffee, is a natural plant-based stimulant found in coffee beans and is seen as a psychoactive substance.

How much coffee is enough coffee, then?

According to the FDA scientists, it could be good for your health or dangerous. The optimal amount you can drink varies from person to person, based on multiple details, including your degree of sensitivity to coffee, your body weight, and what medications you’re taking. They cited that about four to five cups as a safe amount for healthy adults is not associated with negative effects.

But how will we know we have consumed more than our healthy limit? FDA scientists say that too much caffeine can cause the following:

  • jitters
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • fast heart rate
  • nausea
  • upset stomach
  • a feeling of unhappiness (dysphoria)
  • anxiousness

But what would the possibility be of death by coffee? It is estimated that you would need to consume 10g of caffeine to overdose, which in layman’s terms would be 25x more than the healthy daily intake!

What effects does coffee have on the human body?

We all know that too much of a good thing is probably not that good, but let us look at some of the effects on our bodies.

One to Two Cups:

  • Less fatigue
  • Increased alertness and less drowsiness
  • Good mood
  • Few side effects like heartburn or headaches
  • Some might consider it still safe for pregnancy

Three to Four Cups:

  • Very alert
  • Great mood
  • Lowered risk of depression
  • Decreased risk of diabetes and obesity
  • Protection from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Lowered risk of cancer

Six or more Cups:

  • Higher possibility of heart disease
  • Probability of osteoporosis and infertility
  • Jitters or jittery
  • Anxiety
  • Risk of caffeine withdrawal

In many things in life, there are pros and cons, and coffee is no exception. Research will probably never be completed on this complex beverage, but there is so much to learn daily. Overindulging could be extremely dangerous and toxic for your body. It would be best to consider that it might not be beneficial for younger children (especially seven years and younger) and lead to restlessness or insomnia.

Interesting Coffee Statistics

The Average American
Coffee lovers drink two to three cups daily.

2021 Americans
In 2021, Americans consumed an estimated 3,3 billion pounds of coffee.

Decaf Coffee
Did you know that the least favorite coffee type among Americans is decaf?

On the other hand, the most favored coffee among Americans is the cappuccino.

U.S Coffee Drinkers
Less than half of Americans prefer to buy their coffee at drive-throughs.

American Coffee Lovers
45% of Americans use coffee machines to make their own coffee.

Final Coffee Thoughts

Riddle me this–where did coffee originate from, then? There are many tales, but truth be told, no one knows. But that does not mean that coffee’s history is boring. Coffee has evolved over the centuries and is now enjoyed worldwide with a wide variety to choose from; whether you prefer it hot or cold, black, or with milk or cream. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee has even become part of some food delicacies and desserts. Food lovers have discovered more to this psychoactive substance than just creating a good cup of joe. Whether you want to enjoy marinated coffee lamb chops or a mocha cheesecake, you can still get your caffeine pick me up.

While there were attempts in the 15th to 17th centuries to ban coffee from Mecca, Italy, Constantinople, Sweden, and Prussia, research continues to assist coffee with a beneficial reputation.

In Conclusion

Through research, scientists continue to confirm that coffee can be beneficial but in moderation. You should first consult your health practitioner if you are pregnant or have serious health conditions. But if you limit your coffee consumption to four to five cups a day, you could enjoy a healthy lifestyle and even feel motivated and focused on handling whatever comes your way!

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