Smart Watches or Standard Watches

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Smartwatch sales blow up year after year in the fashion industry. Though it seems we will never get rid of our traditional watches, and we definitely should not.

Both these types of watches have their features that we are respectively drawn to. Traditional watches stay in the market despite their dip in sales over the years compared to smartwatches.

The choice between “Smartwatches” or “standard watches” is not an easy one. But upon reaching the end of this post, you might have your mind made up.

About smartwatches

Smartwatches have turned into an investment and are more than just a fashion accessory. They simply serve the purpose of functionality with style.

With our daily use of smartphones, one might think that smartwatches serve no purpose. Who wants a mini replica of what their phone can do? But, smartwatches have more to offer than just telling time and being both an alarm and calendar.

A smartwatch is like your buddy-on-the-go that you never knew you needed. You’re able to move throughout the day without accessing your smartphone as your smartwatch keeps tabs on your health, fitness, notifications, and more.

About standard watches

In terms of functionality and purpose, standard watches almost have nothing to offer compared to smartwatches. They only tell time, but at this point their only function might be their secondary purpose.

Traditional watches are not to be worn for functionality but more for the appreciation for craftsmanship and style. They are more casual than smartwatches and sometimes simplicity overcomes functionality.

Standard watches serve as a classic barrier against technology. Rather than an item that’s used for day-to-day functionality, they serve as a statement piece and a getaway from the rings of notifications, reminding you that every passing minute is time gone.

Features of Smartwatches

The first features of smartwatches were telling time, having a calendar, and having an alarm, but now technology in smartwatches has advanced more than we would have ever thought. They now almost serve close to 50% functionality in sync with our smartphones.

The benefits and downsides of smartwatches are listed below:


  • They act as a portable version of your smartphone
    The one best feature of smartwatches is that you can receive alerts and calls without having to access your phone. The hustle of having to take out your phone is minimized instead, everything is sat at the top of your wrist. Smartwatches also have more to offer and are simply a click away.
  • Tracks and monitors your health
    This is not only an advantage for people who want to keep track of their health, fitness, and monitor their calorie intake but it is best for the elderly. Smartwatches have a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and blood pressure monitor.
    The higher you go into more advanced smartwatches, they have features that remind you to move because constant motion is great for the body. Other models keep track of periods and estimate ovulation for females.
  • Offers smart navigation
    No longer do you have to keep your head down looking at Google Maps as you navigate the streets.
    To navigate using your smartwatch, you only need to download the google maps app depending on the type you have, and then from then on, you can use voice command to give the desired location and your smartwatch will take you there.
  • Are a personal assistant and digital companion
    Apart from monitoring health, fitness, and notifications, some models of smartwatches look out for your security as well. The fall feature sounds an alarm and displays an Emergency SOS alert for a call if a fall is detected as you wear the watch.


  • Expensive
    The majority of smartwatches are costly. The more advanced features you want in your smartwatch, the higher the necessary budget.
  • Limited Battery life
    Once you forget to charge your smartwatch, it will be rendered useless for the day, until it’s recharged.
  • Your phone must be nearby
    Unless you’re using the newest models that let you sync your smartwatch to your phone, you have to keep your phone nearby so as not to lose connection.
  • Small screen size
    The small screen size limits you from the comfortability of swiping and scrolling though just like in your smartphone. This might be not a disadvantage because it offers fewer distractions.

Features of Standard Watches

With less to offer than smartwatches, standard watches have benefits that stand out.


    • Never gets outdated
      Traditional watches do not need maintenance to be up to date. They only serve the purpose of telling time and have no reason to add extra features.
    • Craftsmanship
      Traditional watches have always been a symbol of the passing of time. They can be passed down to other generations.

Watchmaking is a trade held in high regard and traditional watches are given as sentimental gifts.

  • Durability
    Standard watches are built to be more durable than smartwatches and can last for years.
  • Battery life
    Standard watch batteries can last for years, which isn’t the same for smartwatches. This is probably the best feature about them.
  • Style
    The style that comes with a traditional watch will never go old. Their simplicity and class are the one reason their market still exists.
  • Downsides:
    The main downside to standard watches is that they lack features that you find in smartwatches. They can only be used for style and to tell time.

The choice between smartwatches and standard watches depends on what you are looking for in a watch.

If you want a watch with functionality and extra features, a digital watch is best for you. If you want a classic and simple watch, a standard watch is the best option.

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