Innovative Ways to Workout at Home

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We can all appreciate the health benefits of regular exercise, but let’s face it. The same workout routine day in and day out gets old after a while. This is especially true when recent events have forced most of us to stay indoors.

Motivation dwindles, and before you know it, it’s been two weeks since you’ve felt the burn of a good exercise session. So, what better way to reclaim your enthusiasm than switching things up with a few new fitness routines?

Here are some innovative and exciting workouts to do in the comfort of your own home.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to know a single thing about yoga, nor be a certain shape or size to benefit from it. Dating back more than 5,000 years, it’s truly one of the longest-reigning practices – and for a good reason.

Yoga combines physical movements with breathing exercises to create a powerful workout for both your body and mind. It’s versatile, with various degrees and types to suit everyone, from beginners to pros. Whether you want to burn calories, increase flexibility, strengthen your core, or focus on muscle tone, yoga has a solution.

There are even tailor-made routines for all kinds of ailments from back pain to sleeping better. The best part? It doesn’t cost a cent, and you can do it anywhere – in the backyard, on the porch, or in your living room.

Thanks to technology, you don’t need a personal instructor either. There are virtually thousands of guided videos online and even dedicated mobile apps and websites.

Some of the most popular yoga practices include the following:

This is a series of poses that flow from one to the next, combined with timed inhales and exhales. It provides a light to moderate cardio workout that promotes strength and endurance.

As a more vigorous technique, Power flow yoga is ideal for those wanting a high-intensity session. By building heat, it’s perfect for weight loss and toning.

Hatha covers a range of different styles, but it generally comprises of slow-paced movements and controlled breathing. It engages your core, improves balance, and helps with posture.

‘HIIT’ it Up
High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short is precisely what it sounds like. These types of quick and challenging exercises are done in succession, with a resting period in between. A full-body workout can last anything from five minutes to half an hour, depending on your fitness level.

HIIT offers an excellent home workout that’s both diverse and customizable. It’s especially
suitable for individuals who don’t want to spend loads of time exercising but still enjoy a decent calorie-burning and fitness session.

You can build your own routine with interchangeable squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, and more. If you prefer a set structure, then you can also find countless HIIT programs online. Here are a few crowd favorites:

Tabata is named after Izumi Tabata, a researcher that discovered the benefits of HIIT-type exercises in 1996. He found that it significantly boosts metabolism while producing more energy (aka ‘anaerobic capacity’).

However, this routine specifically lasts a total of four minutes. (Yes, you read that correctly). It consists of eight intense 20-second sets followed by ten seconds of rest in between.

7 Moves – 7 Minutes
This fat-blasting circuit offers an entire body workout within seven minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll sweat in that short period of time. Exercises include jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups to warm up, followed by a series of others, like running in place and mountain climbers.

Take Five
Done in five minutes with an equal number of exercises, this workout targets all major areas like the upper and lower body, and midsection.

DIY Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA)
If you find yourself spending a lot of time at home like many of us nowadays, why not shake things up and try something new?
Mixed Martial Arts is a specialized craft that takes years of dedication and training to perfect. Still, there’s nothing wrong with teaching yourself a few basics and getting a fantastic workout at the same time. Who knows? You might even be a natural!

Start off with some ‘shadow boxing’ to determine the stance and style that suits you. Next, move onto combos of jabs, crosses, hooks, leads, and uppercuts. After a while, you can incorporate lead knees, leg kicks, and more. Okay, it’s a lot more technical than that, but luckily the internet is awash with in-depth guides and training videos.

Just make sure to do sufficient warm-up exercises beforehand, and that there’s enough space to practice your new skills.

Not only is dancing tons of fun, but it’s arguably one of the best ways to torch calories and keep fit – all while having a fantastic time. It’s also incredibly versatile, with workouts inspired by all genres.

You can belt out some Bollywood moves, or step up your hip-hop game – all in your living room. Try out belly dancing to target the core area, or get your blood pumping with Zumba.

There’s also salsa routines, beginner’s ballet, and even viral TikTok dances that are always changing. The possibilities are endless, with hundreds of choreographed routines and videos available online.

The Bottom Line
You don’t need fancy equipment or a personal trainer to get a decent workout at home. Whether you want to stay fit, get into shape, build muscle, or increase flexibility – there are countless creative ways to accomplish your exercise goals.

From yoga and HIIT to Mixed Martial Arts, and dancing, there’s something for every level of fitness, interest, and style. So, why not get moving and try one of these out today?

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