How to avoid pollen allergy

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The pollen allergy is one of the most common among the population and especially affects during the spring season. The allergy sufferers this plant component suffer symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion … The pollens are in the air, making it impossible to avoid, but still can carry out some actions to try to control allergic reactions . In this article, we explain how to avoid pollen allergy.

Steps to follow:

1. In the first place, it will be necessary to know to which pollen or pollens we have an allergy, in order to be able to take the most appropriate measures and start the appropriate treatment. In this way, it is essential to visit an allergist or medical specialist who performs the necessary tests and a complete medical history.

2. Also, to take the appropriate measures, it is recommended to check the pollen levels of the place where you reside or, in the event that a trip is planned, of the site to be visited. This information is offered by local television and radio channels, as well as available on the Internet.

3. During times of greater pollination, those affected with pollen allergy should avoid outdoor activities, especially on sunny and windy days. Likewise, care should also be taken not to carry out actions such as mowing, lying on it, etc. that will make the symptoms worse.

4. People allergic to pollen should try to keep the windows closed for as long as possible. To ventilate your home, it is recommended to do so early in the afternoon, when pollen rates are low and – if possible – try not to be at home.

5. In the same way, we must keep the house very clean paying special attention to places that can accumulate pollen, such as carpets.

When traveling by car, the windows should be raised, as well as it will be necessary to install pollen filters that will help it not slip through the air conditioning ducts of the vehicle.

7. On the other hand, to avoid pollen allergy, it is recommended not to dry clothes outdoors, since pollen particles will impregnate the garments and generate allergic reactions when dressing.

8. The treatments with antihistamines should always be supervised by an allergist or doctor and, likewise, must take them the necessary precautions taken because in most cases generate sleep.

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