Burpees- The Perfect Burpees- How to Do Them and How Often

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While burpees can be difficult for beginners, they offer numerous health benefits, making them common in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and boot camps. The exercise involves a six-count movement, including a couple of squats, a push-up, and several jumps.
Read on to learn the simplest way to do a burpee and the benefits of practicing regularly.

Steps To Do a Burpee

1. Squat and rest your palms on the floor
2. Stretch back your legs for a push-up pose.
3. Rapidly lower body to the floor.
4. Quickly raise your body and resume the squat position
5. Then make your highest possible jump

You can repeat these steps more than five times

Benefits Of Practicing Burpees

Regular burpees will make you stronger and enhance your functional fitness as they involve different body parts. Exercise also helps you in weight management and carrying out daily activities. Studies show that the fitness and functional capabilities from exercises enhance the quality of life.

Boosts Endurance

Burpees are the best option for you if you want to try a new sport or get in shape within a short period. With just ten burpees, you can improve your breath and heart rate to boost your conditioning and endurance. The more you endure, the more you should try harder to increase the number of burpees you do in a day.

They Are a Great Workout Complement

Since the burpees are fast-paced and dynamic, they make a perfect addition to your HIIT session or any other workout. They require no additional equipment meaning that you can incorporate them before, during, or after your routine workout.

They Are Full-Body Exercises

Unlike isolation exercises that focus on triceps kickbacks and biceps curls, burpees work on your entire body. You will work on every muscle in your body and enhance your core strength.

How Often You Should Do burpees

Your fitness level is the primary determinant of the frequency of doing burpees. If you are used to regular HIIT sessions, you can incorporate burpees into your daily routine. However, it would be best if you rested for at least a day to allow time for your body to recover and refresh. If you are a beginner, start by alternating the burpees every other day to allow time for your body to endure.

Essential Precautions When Practicing Burpees

While burpees are considered fairly safe and versatile, you need to take the following precautions to achieve the ultimate benefits and remain safe.

  • Avoid the chest-to-floor burpee if you have a lower back problem. Instead, practice the regular push-up or plank to avoid aggravating the back further.
  • You might want to skip the long jump or hop if you experience knee pain. You can replace the jump with stepping back and forth for a significantly lower impact.

With the numerous benefits of the simple burpee move, you might want to include it in your next workout. Regular practice will see you advance to more challenging variations that you didn’t think of practicing. As always, it would be best if you consulted your physician before you try out new workouts.

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