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What other season of the year can you spend ample time with family, friends, and loved ones, if not summer?

It’s not too early to start talking about summer. Summertime is one of the most envisaged seasons of the year. It’s a perfect time to ditch daily routine, office deadlines, and head somewhere with loved ones. While some families opt for indoor vacations for varying reasons, more of them choose the outdoor option to have a great time.

Regardless of where you choose to relax, the most crucial thing is to spend quality time with those that matter in your life while ensuring that you keep them safe.

In this article, we’ll discuss some pool safety tips to keep you and your family safe this summer. Let’s get started!

9 Pool Safety Tips to consider

Swimming is an excellent time for families to laugh together, splash water at each other, and have an amazing time. Most importantly, you want to make sure that you bond with each other. Maximizing the hot weather and enjoying the cold pool water makes it even more worthwhile for both children and adults.

However, it’s paramount to consider essential water safety procedures to avoid injuries or even fatal accidents that could bring fabulous family time to an abrupt end.

According to the data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 3536 people died annually between 2005-2014 from drowning alone in the United States.

These preventive measures are essential for families who want to have a safe time in their home pool, outdoor pool, or when they’re visiting a beach, lake, or any other body of water. Here are the top 9 pool safety tips for you and your family this summer.

Learn How to swim

Knowing how to swim isn’t just for the fun of it. It’s a life skill that comes in handy when spending long periods of time in a body of water. If you don’t know how to swim yet, you can enroll in swimming lessons with local swimming organizations or swimming instructors before your summer break. If you have a home pool where you can keep practicing, that’s perfect.

Teach Kids How to Swim

Kids shouldn’t be left out of learning this skill. No kid is too young to learn how to swim. Teaching kids proper swimming techniques makes them comfortable in the water and helps them understand basic water safety rules.

Be Alert Around the kids

No kid should be left alone to wander around the pool unsupervised. Kids are faster than you’d think. All it takes is a small distraction and they’re out of your sight. Even with the older kids, it’s advisable to keep a close tab on them.

Learn To Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

In cases of emergency, critical knowledge of CPR can save someone. If a person unintentionally drowns or has a different accident in the pool, you can administer CPR to keep them alive before medical help arrives.

Avoid Diving Into the Pool

We understand that there’s an adrenaline rush that comes with the sight of water, especially if you love swimming. However, it’s advisable to avoid diving head-first into the pool, especially in shallow pools that you haven’t used before. This will help prevent sustaining severe injuries and ending up in the emergency department (ED).

Minimal Intake of Alcohol

It’s a hot, sizzling summer day. The urge to grab a drink while in the pool may seem almost irresistible. If you must consume alcohol, make sure you don’t get drunk. Those in the pool are likely to drown if they’ve consumed alcohol. If possible, avoid drinking and swimming at the same time. Taking these measures seriously will help us stay alert to our environment around us.

Physical Barriers

The truth is, nothing fascinates a child more than a body of water. They like to play with water, so it’s only natural they’d be attracted to it. Stopping them from accessing it is the best decision for you to make. You can achieve this by installing physical barriers, like fences and barricades, to prevent children from jumping or falling into the pool when no one is watching them.

Wear Life Jackets

When it’s about life and safety, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Besides, it’s essential to cross all your “Ts” and dot all your “Is” than to leave any stone unturned. They’re called “life jackets” for a reason. They help keep everyone, especially the kids, afloat and safe in the water. We recommend you wear them for your family when going swimming, especially your little ones.

Keep a Strict Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance ensures that the pool is safe to use. Ensure that you perform routine checks by adjusting the chemical content in the pool to avoid skin irritation or earaches. Additionally, it’s a great idea to take away the remains of sharp, broken, and harmful objects in the pool.
Lastly, with proper planning and safety precautions, summertime can be a danger-free and worthwhile experience.

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