Back To School Tips for Kids and Parents

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The new school year comes with new teachers, friends, and the classroom. These changes induce apprehension for many kids as they start or go back to school. The anxious feeling is expected even for parents hence the need to prepare and ease the transition. Here are the four critical tips for both the parent and kids as they prepare for the new school year.

Developing Effective Study Habits

The first thing that will tune your child’s mind into school mode is creating a conducive environment at home for studying and completing homework. This may include a studying space in their bedroom or different room without distractions. You should also develop a routine that allocates ample time for your child to study and complete assignments. Ensure that TV and other electronic gadgets do not distract the child during study time.
Indulge yourself as a parent on how to make the studying time effective for your child. Parental supervision and guidance will shape the child’s mindset into study mode and help them not see it as a punishment but a transition to school life. Since you know your child better, keep a close eye on what they struggle with and intervene appropriately, encouraging non-disruptive breaks during study time.

A Healthy Nutrition

Studies show that children who eat healthy food function better physically and psychologically. They are likely to improve on concentration and performance in school. On the contrary, hunger and malnutrition will adversely affect your child’s engagement and performance.
Therefore, it’s wise to look into what is offered at school to ensure that the food meets nutrition standards established by the food and drug administration (FDA) and the US department of agriculture (USDA). For instance, replacing soft drinks with low-fat dairy products and water will significantly reduce your child’s risks of obesity.

Backpack Selection

An organized pack ensures that you make good use of all the compartments and eliminate the unneeded items. Generally, the backpack should not weigh more than 20% of your child’s body weight for comfort and portability. Please remind your child how best to carry the backpack around using both shoulder straps as using only one would strain their muscles and lead to quick wear and tear of the bag. Take time to teach them how to adjust the pack to sit the bottom at their waist. Your child should clearly understand backpack safety in and out of school.

Commuting To and From the School

The guidelines you provide on traveling to and from the school will most likely depend on their means to commute. If your child uses the school bus, they need to understand how to approach, board, and alight from the bus.
If your child has a chronic or allergic condition, talk with the school health personnel before the first day in class to establish a plan to avoid practices that may lead to these problems. The basic rules that you will need to emphasize on include seat belts use and crossing the street.
it’s the daily activities highlighted above that will matter most. Providing a nutritious meal will foster healthy growth and mood while providing a comfortable backpack and commute will ensure their safety and boost confidence as they attend school.

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